Focused products for focused surgeons

At Vikon, we believe that the best way to help surgeons is by providing them with the tools they need to stay focused on the patient. This philosophy drives everything we do at Vikon. From customer service down to research and development, we put the surgeon first. By providing quick, friendly customer service and superior instruments, we help eliminate distractions from the surgeon's world so he can focus solely on patient care.

The Vikon Kerrison

Handcrafted, not mass produced

Vikon kerrisons are handcrafted from forge to finish in Tuttlingen, Germany. Our manufacturer has been crafting kerrisons for over 25 years, and he and his team touch every kerrison that goes through Vikon's doors. And because specialized attention is paid to each kerrison, we know that our quality will outshine that of a mass produced kerrison every time.